The Vaettir are the last vestiges of a now extinct warrior race, the Aesir. Born from the union of the ancient Svartalfar and the Aesir, the Vaettir make perfect warriors possessing an innate mind for strategy and the physical fortitude to endure even the harshest environs. Their ancestry can be reduced to equal parts giant, celestial, and elemental lending them a tremendous lifespan rivaling the elves and a powerful compact stature they find rather appealing. They share a societal distaste for all things Fey, Giant, and Celestial.

Culturally, the Vaettir are very insular despite the formation of the Council of Races, and often relax their guard only among their kin. They are cursed with an uncommonly keen memory and have trouble forgetting even the smallest slights or disgraces. Gender is chosen by the individual at will and presented by the possession or lack of facial hair and has almost no bearing on procreation.

Brevynd, the 56th Vaettir empire consists of 13 Warrior clans considered nobility and nearly 200 auxiliary clans beholden to the 13 as part of ancient custom. Under their laws, all those belonging to or beholden to the 13 Warrior clans are equal in the eyes of the law . All upstanding Vaettir youth are supported by their community and are in turn expected to do the same for others once they reach adulthood. Their economy revolves entirely around money with vaettir competing for leadership roles engaging in opposed fundraising ventures for Brevynd whose winner becomes a clan leader. Laws are determined in a similar fashion approved by a council of representatives from the 13 and then all citizens use their wealth in support or opposition of each proposed law.

Vaettir often gravitate toward active occupations like mercenaries, or security personnel and are quite desirable in both fields. Many quickly grow into leadership roles but often prefer a hands on approach over simple delegation.

Some of the greatest Vaettir practice the near exclusive arts of Geomancy, the magical manipulation of earthen elements, and Allomancy, the magical manipulation of metals.
The Vaettir typically revere no traditional gods but many deceased clan leaders and warriors have found new life and immortality from the worship of their descendants. Many Vaettir clerics can claim kin to the very source of their divine power.


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