The Sidhe group is the largest racial group in the Forungon empire. All those that can trace their ancestry back to the capricious Fey creatures or their nebulous plane are considered sidhe. The sidhe group is further broken into four categories that denote ancestry. Sidhe originate from the Altora region.

Lem Sidhe

Lem Sidhe trace their origins to fey foundlings (children who wandered into/ were whisked away to the Feywild). Despite maturing similarly to humans, a full grown lem sidhe retains a child-like appearance until around their fifth decade rarely growing more than 3’4" over a near 300 year lifespan.

Leanan Sidhe

Leanan Sidhe, or “Fairy Lovers” trace their ancestry back to the bloodlines of the Archfey themselves. With such a pedigree, one can almost excuse the aura of superiority most exhibit in respect to other sidhe. The defining trait all Leanan Sidhe share are their distinct long and pointed ears and their wide irises that fill their eyes with color. Elves, on average live around five to seven centuries.

Among themselves, they divide into two racially dimorphic groups: Wood Elves and High Elves.

High Elves
Most High Elves stand just over five feet, their delicate and slender frames are surprisingly quick and their racial longevity lends itself the the methodical pursuit of academics. High elves tend to specialize in narrow fields of study, preferring to master a single field before moving to another. Many immerse themselves in politics and scientific research determined to reach Utopian ideals of society and civilization.

Wood Elves
Wood elves stand a full two heads higher and have powerful, imposing builds comprised of corded muscle and powerful legs. They possess vision of unmatched clarity and a chameleon like skin that aids them in blending into natural environments. They prefer to live in the spirit of their ancestors, eschewing conventional society, regarding the surge of science and the arcane as passing trend or fancy.

Gem Sidhe

Commonly referred to as gnomes, the Gem Sidhe trace their ancestry back to the Feywild itself. According to record, the first gnomes were born from the vast vaults of precious gems owned by the Archfey. The gnomes were the first race to ever explore the stars and have the longest history of any race. like Lem Sidhe, they average around three feet in height but they retain a much stronger connection to the land of the fey. Most are wickedly smart, preferring to master esoteric knowledge and relatively unknown fields of study, they share a racial eccentricity and a dangerous predisposition for curiosity and adventurousness that often leads to trouble. The few that survive their full and exciting lives will have nearly five centuries of stories to pass on to their children.


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