Dromites are an insect like humanoid race from the Aranath region. They can range in size from five to nine feet. Their antennae, faceted eyes, carapace, and strange stature make them easily stand out among the more mammalian races. Hailing from a hivemind-like history, Dromites have come to love and appreciate individuality while still continuing to live in a hive and collective environment. This individuality, together with a strong liberal view on life, means that while different, Dromites rarely have a problem making friends or finding a place to live or work.

Their chitinous skin provides Dromites with some natural protection against injury. Dromites have no body hair; where a humanoid might possess a head of hair, a Dromite has a thin coating of convoluted chitin that smoothly rises from its skin and extends down the back of its head, neck, and the rest of its body. Dromites are not fully covered in chitin, but it is noticeable on their shoulders, torsos, the backs of their hands, and other vulnerable spots (including their heads).
A Dromite’s eyes are striking—sparkling, almost luminescent orbs, subdivided into hundreds of tiny cells. Two small antennae sprout from its head; they move in accordance with the creature’s actions or moods. They wear heavy boots and light clothing, sometimes nothing more than a sturdy harness for holding and carrying gear. The color of their carapace is an easy indicator of their caste.

Dromites vary in their temperament, but each usually exhibits one of four personality types, depending on the caste that Dromite eventually joins. Those of the Fire Caste are often quick to anger, but also quick to laugh and forgive. Those of the Ice Caste are analytical, slow to make decisions, but often right. Those of the Voice Caste are consummate artists, reveling in all types of performance, especially song. Those of the Glimmer Caste always move at high speed, rarely resting in their pursuit of life’s tasks. Each caste identifies with the energy type associated with its creed: fire, cold, thunder, and electricity, respectively.

The four major castes are important to Dromites, but are not the race’s only form of social organization. Despite being a sexless society, Dromites form close emotional bonds with others of their race, especially within the confines of self-selected groups known as life bonds. These relationships are similar to what other races refer to as marriages, but a life bond usually contains more than two members. As older members of a life bond die, new members are brought in, so a life bond persists long after the original members are no longer a part of it. A single life bond may contain members of several castes.

Dromites organize themselves into hive cities – giant towers that are as much subterranean as they are exposed above ground. Here they embrace their caste as well as their individuality, striving to find their path in life. For some, this means striving to become a Hive Queen or Consort, the elected leaders of a hive, while for others it means learning a craft or toiling in a mine to make ends meet. While externally very idealistic, a society with very few laws and defining aspects also tends to become chaotic and disorganized. Most hive cities tend to walk the line between individual freedoms and communal responsibility. while there are a few zealots amongst the Dromites who dream of a better time, when they were all united as one mind.


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