Imperial Marine Corps

The official Army of the Empire. Established early in the empire’s history, The IMC is a mobile strike force capable of wildspace, land and sea operations. Thousands of missions on hundreds of worlds not to mention several television dramas has cemented the Corps as the Empire’s finest fighting forces in the minds of nearly every Imperial Citizen.

Brutally efficient and obsessively trained, Imperial Marines are the finest soldiers in the Empire. The IMC is responsible for large scale conflict whether that be a force to repel invasion, or an offensive force to destroy threats to the empire. Their official charge is to protect the Heartlands, the Imperial Colonies in the Outlands and to patrol the border between the empire and the Dark Zone. Every soldier is trained for small scale and large scale combats and are well versed in the latest weapons, armor, and recon technologies. The command structure is extremely rigid with no room for personal ethics, those who repeatedly defy their superiors may find themselves swiftly executed for treason. Each enlistment lasts an imperial year and many members of the empire reenlist after the mandatory period ends.

The role of the IMC changed under Emperor Mezzenborne. The resources of the Corps were not sufficeint to protect every colonization project since new post war expansions, so the Corps were reorganized and their status usurped by the ISPD. The Corps still maintain executive power over the colonies and can in times of crisis exercise rather draconian measures in order to meet its objectives, much to the chagrin of the colonies and corporations who may call on the IMC for help. Many of the troops were trained under Emperor Kuperic and are firmly loyal to the ideologies of House Qesemet. Emperor Mezzenborne did very little to change this. Instead, he has placed the IMC firmly under the thumb of the ISPD. Every mission includes an ISPD liaison who sees to the Emperor’s interests and can assume command at any time.

To be eligible to join the IMC, a recruit must be an Imperial Citizen and have 10 years (or equivalent) of schooling. According to statistics the average recruits are Eladrin, Vaettir, and Orks. The ratio of male to female is around 2:1.

During basic training, a recruit learns basic combat skills, and must demonstrate initiative, teamwork, discipline and technical proficiency. 20 percent of recruits pass basic training and graduate to actual Marine status.

Imperial Marine Corps

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