Flynd Kypo

Information Specialist


Kypo at first glance has all the features of child, unruly tangle of hair, messy clothes inevitably sporting a food stain or two, and a smile that threatens to split his head however his face is definitely that of an adult.. Kypo stands around three feet tall and never wears the Atom uniform or shoes often stating that “foot prisons” are a crime against nature. He is easily excitable rarely remains still if not on his computer.


A technological savant from age 5, Kypo was born with with an innate sense of mechanics and code. At the age of 15 he launched an interplanetary filesharing software that was largely problematic for Imperial Security and was briefly jailed. He is almost instantly likable by everyone he meets. During the day he can be seen singing and humming to himself behind the various screens of his uniquely customized computer. He is well known on deck as being rather mischievous at times but always in a good spirited manner. According to his life goals chart that hangs in his small office, he is three years away from becoming an intergalactic DJ. Kypo does not believe in limits and often slacks off from his work to pursue more amusing goals.

Flynd Kypo

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