The Unification Church

The Unification Church strives to serve “the greatest” of all the deities of throughout the empire. Its mainly concerned with the administration of joint temples and other sacred spaces for worship. Its main tenets are harmony and the balance of the influence of all gods. Clerics of the Unification Church are responsible for guiding those who are ignorant of the faith to full enlightenment.

The dogma of the Unification church establishes its belief in a great being of creation their holy texts name Elohim. They assert that by Elohim’s design, the universe and all life was formed and that Elohim first established the twelve deific aspects that the various gods of the universe are categorized under despite how polarizing such belief can be to those that exclusively worship an established god.

Like druids, the faithful strive for balance in all things, but unlike druids they hold no special reverence toward nature. They see themselves as seekers and prophets of truth in a time of misinformation and many make it a personal mission to spread the faith as far and wide across the empire as possible.

The Unification church also employs a holy order of paladins that swear fealty to the Elohim and seek to spread the wonders of his divine order through selfless and righteous acts. These paladins often find themselves opposed to paladins of various gods but often resort to didactic and lengthy intellectual debates over outright combat when possible.

The Unification Church

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