Stole a train


Lem sidhe reported to have aquamarine eyes and a distinctive swagger to his gait. He has evaded the Empire’s near ubiquitous security camera’s by shedding costumes and identities like a expert charlatan leading most authorities to only approximate what he looks like.


Raleigh is the 128th most wanted criminal in the empire. He list of crimes is more than twice his height and he has never once been successfully captured. Raleigh is best known in the criminal world for the destruction of the Manservos Credit Union, aiding in the the jailbreak and then murder of Ilbas the Blind, and the vanishing of the Hyperion Vault (a high speed bullet train containing hundreds of national treasures.

Raleigh has no short list of aliases and habitually changes imperial IDs and often allies with powerful entities and groups for protection. It is certain that Raleigh is not his given birth name but no trace of what Raleigh’s true identity is has been found thus far.

He has been credited with 17 high profile thefts, 46 murders, 12 assasinations, and 14 billion credits in damages of Forungon infrastructure among many lesser charges. Information leading to the arrest of Raleigh will yield any citizen 10,000 credits. His bounty is set at 25,000 for a live capture 500 if dead.

He is evasive, highly skilled, almost always armed, and not to be trusted.


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