Phoebe Laurentus

Head of Research


Phoebe is short with brown bobbed hair, her eye sparkle with alien glow though she appears outwardly human. Usually wearing the white coat of science she is never without her Black Sun amulet strung around her neck. Outside the lab she favors black pencil skirts and high heels paired with sleevless tops to show off her eldritch tattoos of flexing tentacles and amethyst eyes that blink just often enough to unsettle most onlookers.


Attending the 7th Metric Academy and gaining mastery of both magical and nonmagical mathematics stole over 16 years of Phoebe’s life and she’s determined to get them back. Phoebe is vivacious and inquisitive. She is one of the few people who actually get along with Dr. Sparrow but unlike her superior, she actually takes vacations. Though she can seem a little air-headed at times, she has an expansive knowledge of magic and mathematics, and keeps a private library in her quarters where works to keep her spellcraft fresh and her mind focused

Phoebe Laurentus

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