Kyoshiku 'Marni' Chen

Owner of Miss Marni's Tea Shoppe


Marni has pale delicate features accented by soft touches of makeup that make her appear as though she would shatter into a million pieces at so much as a shout.


Marni comes from a long line of women who have embraced the medicinal and often mystical powers of tea. She is well versed in many types of tea and how to prepare each one to it’s fullest effect. As a young woman she was forced to flee her birthplace after generations of scorn and accusations of witchcraft became quite violent. She spent several decades roaming the empire until she lucked into an interview that gained her many avid followers who’s crowdsourcing allowed her to open her first tea shop. That single shop’s success cascaded into Marni establishing one of the most successful beverage franchises throughout the empire. However fame eventually became too much to handle in her day to day life, and Marni decided to take up residence on the Varda Atom station after making quite a large financial investment in the branch.

Kyoshiku 'Marni' Chen

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