Fahad Caidan

Brave to a fault


Fahad sports a soft blend of features native of Sidhé-kind and Humans. His tousled dark hair is the remainder of a youth he’s rapidly leaving behind and his cocoa colored skin is blemished by heavy stress lines around his eyes and scars from many many fights.


Fahad has served as an officer of the Imperial Police for more than an imperial year.

The son of of an alleged Wildspace pirate and runaway Sidhé royalty, Fahad was born with the best physical qualities of both his parents but neither of their long lifespans. Despite having a short life ahead of him, he constantly strives to milk every ounce of joy out of life and encourages other to do so as well. He is courageous and daring often taking large personal risks to help others.

Fahad believes strongly in justice above all else however he can occasionally be too quick to forgive known criminals.

Fahad Caidan

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