Dr Altisha Sparrow


Dr. Sparrow is a middle aged high elf of medium height with ebon skin. Her long braided black hair is neatly strung behind her back. She favors dark colors and conservative embroidered clothing when not dressed for lab work Behind her byzantine platinum lenses her heterochromatic white and black eyes are piercing.


Dr. Sparrow has worked in Imperial R&D for over two centuries. Over that time she has overseen the development of several technological innovations. Despite being well known for her eidetic memory and uncanny intellect she has very few published works outside of general academia because she is not very well liked in academic circles. Dr. Sparrow strongly believes in logic and reason above all and often attempts to impress this ideology on others. Due to a decade spent after contracting a rare illness Dr. Sparrow has become very obsessed with cleanliness.

Dr Altisha Sparrow

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