Zaretha Morian

Director of Atom Industries R&D


Dr. Morian stands six feet tall with a lean muscular build rippling beneath her sharp grey pants suit. The scales that cover her face and body are a dull black that make her large green eyes seem to glow and her cheeks and jaw sport bone like ridges that sweep back behind her head. Her left arm below the elbow is a polished bronze prosthetic.


Decades spent as an IMC commander has made Director Morrian an exceptional leader. She is proud, brave, rational and if not for racial politics she would still be serving today. She’s known for the ability to speak a suite of languages fluently without the aid of translation software and according to rumor she lost her arm performing a wildspace rescue operation in a damaged suit. Though she obviously cares for her staff deeply, she tends to keep her distance and does not engage in company social functions however she is almost never out of the loop on anything due to the thoroughness of Cilan’s and Dr. Sparrow’s reports. She has never been seen smiling.

Zaretha Morian

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