Brudeagatha "Brunna" Mosswort


Brunna is a towering middle aged ork woman covered in scars tattoos and piercings. Her body conveys a lifetime of hardship but her eyes are alight with the fire of life. Her tattoos are artfully woven around her visible scars and her right eye is ringed with a eight-pointed star.


Brunna is famous for her seven years spent fighting in the Corinthian arena against both man and beast for her mother’s honor. She believes in strength, honor and hard work quite vocally. She is an adept athlete and her training regimens, though extreme, are among the most effective in the galaxy. Though she prizes strength and has no love for the lazy, she is very protective of the weak and is remarkably great with children and animals. Her best friend Slugface was once the runt of a Serpopard litter she encountered while in the arena, after she had completed her seven years debt, she remained another four to win Slugface’s freedom. They are nearly inseparable and often are seen training together.

Brudeagatha "Brunna" Mosswort

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